This is a basic price list. It is not all inclusive as there are many more materials available for installation.  If you need pricing information on a service or surface not listed here, please give us a call or send an email to

Hardwood Installed 2 1/4" wide 2.10 s/f
Hardwood Installed 3 1/4" wide or larger 2.00 s/f
Laminate Installed 1.75 s/f
Laminate Installed on Steps 100.00 each
Floating Wood Installed 1.95 s/f

Remove and Replace Base Boards 1.00 l/f
Remove and Replace Base Shoes .75 l/f
Remove and Replace Appliances 20.00 each

Remove Carpet Pad and Tackstrip .45 s/f
Remove Ceramic Tile 2.00 s/f
Remove Wood 1.00 s/f
Remove Vinyl and Subfloor 1.00 s/f
Remove Subfloor 1.00s/f
Remove and Replace Furniture 25.00 room

Ceramic Tile Installed 3.00 s/f
Ceramic Tile Installed Diagonal/Pattern 3.75 s/f
Ceramic Tile Installed Fireplace 150.00 each
Ceramic Tile Installed on Walls 3.35 s/f
Ceramic Tile Installed on Walls Pattern 3.75 s/f
Ceramic Tile Installed on Backsplash 8.00 s/f

Install New Base Shoe .25 l/f
Install New Base Boards 2.00 l/f
Install 1/2 Subfloor 1.00 s/f
Labor Charge 45.00 hour
Under Cut Door Jambs 10.00 each
Delivery Charge

75.00 each trip